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Self-inflatable lifejackets maintenance, inspection and collation


Our company offer maintenance, inspection and collation for inflatable lifejackets.


An automatic lifejacket should be maintained regularly in order to guarantee a successful operation. Especially when you have a self-inflating lifejacket it is necessary to follow the prescribed maintaining interval. 
If there is no maintaining interval given by the manufacturer of the lifejacket, we recommend annual inspection after the purchase.

Even if your lifejacket has only been worn without being released, it is still exposed for example to the sun, salty water and shocks.


You should control your lifejackets every time before going on a boating turn to make sure that your lif jacket is fully functional.

Check the outer appearance, the belts, the buckles, the CO2-balloon and the trigger function (green display).


Lifejackets that are older than 10 years have to be maintained by its manufacturer and after that the maintenance should happen annually.


Repair of the lifejacket: If your lifejacket is damaged, we can also perform a repair. From defective seams to exchanging the swim bladder or repairing the protective cover, everything is possible.

The procedure is done in cooperation with You and a cost estimate is created.


We kindly ask You to send by post or to bring inflatable lifejackets to our office Road Pärnu Maantee 160G Tallinn 11317.


If you wish us to maintain your lifejacket, please indicate your package with the title "LIFEJACKET INSPECTION". 


Just send us Your lifejacket - We will take care of it !


The fee for maintenance, inspection and collation is 16.90 EUR / 14.90 EUR (VAT included), for what may be added transportation cost if  necessary.


Lifejacket service includes:


  • a 16 hour density test of the inflated lifting body of the lifejacket
  • a water-check of the automatic
  • a checking of the trigger
  • a checking of the mouth valve
  • assembling of new gaskets
  • a checking of the CO2-cartridge
  • a general inspection - especially of the belt system






Pricelist for additional equipment of inflatable lifejackets:



Basic tablet 10,57 EUR
UML cartridge 16,31 EUR
Hammar MA1/EC 32,70 EUR
33 gram balloon 12,29 EUR
34/35 gram balloon 13,11 EUR
34/35 gram balloon + B0600 36,80 EUR
38 gram balloon 15,49 EUR
Bracket 845-2-AMA or CV85006 3,20 EUR



* For all prices mentioned above will be added VAT of 22 %.


The maintenance, inspections and collations of lifejackets is carried out by our cooperation partner: Viking Lifesaving Equipment Estonia AS





For additional information, please send us an e-mail: or call: +372 51 700 31





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