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From 10-th to 13-th of March You can find several Estonian boats and yachts presented at Turku boatshow.


Association of Estonian Boatyard`s stand will be on D-hall, showing off: Linda 530 by Lindvart; Kasse 430 by Kasse Paadid; wooden boats by Vätta Puit. On separate stand there will also be presented Stormer and Saare Yachts by Saare Paat.






Suunto Coo-Var Wilks Gator Guards Navionics Champion Gulf Lowrance


Pro Marine Trade Ltd is a wholesale company established in 2003. The company started out with import of boat supplies and rescue equipment from Italy and Greece. We were primarily engaged in project-based sales and our core customer base consisted of various state enterprises. As of to date, however, we have entered into cooperation agreements with many different maritime domain related companies, suppliers and manufacturers. At present, we import a variety of marine goods and products to Estonia from more than 70 different cooperation partners worldwide.  Pro Marine Trade’s customer base consists of most local sailing, boatbuilding, shipping, and maritime companies. In addition to wholesale, we started developing webstore in 2006, which has since become the biggest marine webstore in the Baltic region. Based on the knowledge and the demands of our customers we have consistently worked on improving our range of products and naturally the quality of service. Our company firmly believes that things of value are born in cooperation and we would like to give our best to this cooperation.We look forward to your feedback and questions on relevant issues, in order to maintain existing and create new customer relations and forms of cooperation. The current activities of Pro Marine Trade are reflected in our news section. The complete list of products that we currently offer can be found on our website as well as in the product catalogues of our partners. Of course, we always recommend that you take a look at the special offers in our webstore where you may find products that we have in stock at very attractive prices. Kind regards,Pro Marine Trade Team